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Need all the feedback i can get

  1. I am an aspiring sports journalist, need all the support and feedback i can have. Thank you


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Justin,

    I had a quick look - sport is not really my thing, I am sorry, but for what it is worth, here are my thoughts.

    You could look at for presentation ideas - he is in a different sport, so I'm sure he won't mind the referral.

    You might look at using the More tag:

    You need to update your "About" page and but in your own Tagline in Dashboard >> Settings >> General: Tagline

    Hope that helps and good luck!

  3. I really appreciate your feedback, i will take your advice and run with it. its still in the early stages so thank you so much for giving me an amazing blog to model after

  4. You are welcome!

  5. Maybe put something in your sidebar. Widgets can be useful, but be careful. Once you start adding, it's easy to get carried away. A few for navigational purposes would be useful, though.

  6. Thanks for the would I add a widget?

  7. Justin, may I suggest you do the tutorial over in the Support area? That will answer many of these basic questions for you!

  8. Adding to teamoyeniyi's suggestions, you can also check out for great tips. Good luck!

  9. Thank you all! you have been very helpful. Got some great ideas hopefuly i can start getting more views

  10. I like the overall design of it. It's clean and very easy to read. I think maybe limiting the front page # of shown posts would be good. For me personally I don't like pages where I have to scroll a lot.

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