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Need blog aesthetic advice

  1. Hello. I am making a blog which discusses geoengineering. In terms of design I want to make it simple and neat, but the problem is that it looks a little bit boring. I'm using the twenty eleven theme because it seemed the most flexible without actually having to delve into CSS. Any design advice? Thanks so much, I appreciate it!
    The site is:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try different colour schemes? More widgets? Try a different theme? There's so much to experiment with - that's what makes designing your blog so much fun!

  3. Thanks. What do you think of the new header? (Unfortunately the image quality isn't as good blown up...)

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    I think your site looks great! I think you've managed to achieve what you were aiming for, although as you say, the header doesn't look fantastic when you have it on a big screen.

    I love the colours though, so all I would suggest is to fix the header. Other than that, it looks smashing!

  5. I like your little earth logo which looks Pacman-like. Maybe have some fun with that --have it about to gobble up something....

    Depends how much time you want to invest in the design. I agree that exploring with some photo images in a widget, might provide the reader some textual relief.

  6. I would maybe change the background to something less "black" the green on your logo fits your theme, but maybe the black contrast is too harsh? Perhaps try something transparent with a shade of grey or better yet neutral colors (to fit the earthy theme)

    I also saw that your posts are more about reading, so if you want you could try the custom design upgrade and try different fonts that will make it easy on the eye to read. Something smooth and clean.


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