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Need comments I made on someone else's blog deleted

  1. A few months ago I made a few comments on a WordPress blog which I would like removed. I didn't have an account at the time so I didn't login but I did make the comments under my name. The blog owner is unresponsive and I'm wondering where I can put in a request for WordPress/Automattic to delete the comments for me?

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  3. It's not about my blog but someone else's.

  4. I'm afraid you're out of luck. You can ask the owner of the blog if s/he's left contact details or a contact form, you can leave another comment asking your comment be deleted, but those are your only options as far as I'm aware.

  5. Is there a human being at WordPress I can send a request to?

  6. raincoaster is a human being and so am I.

  7. Is there a human being at WordPress I can send a request to?

    I flag this thread and Staff will reply to you. Please be patient while waiting.

  8. Why would you not contact the person who owns the blog? Staff here will not delete comments unless they are illegal. They are not editors.

  9. @raincoaster - I have but there's been no response. I'm not asking anyone to make editorial decisions, I'm just asking that someone delete my *own* comments. ie I'm trying to edit myself, I just lack the functionality.

    @timethief Didn't mean to imply you weren't human, it's just there doesn't seem to be a way to contact a human staff person as opposed to pre-written pages that don't actually address my issue or membership forums. Thanks for flagging staff!

  10. Deleting comments IS an editorial decision.

  11. I would argue that if the author wants his own comment deleted, rather than someone else's, then it is he who is making the editorial decision and normally one would be able to delete one's own comments. In this case, because of a purely technical issue, I cannot so I am asking for technical assistance.

  12. @andylehrer, if you wish to modify or delete comments made on other blogs, you will need to contact the blog owner directly. It is up to them whether or not they wish to respond to you or honor your request.

    Please see

  13. @jackiedana Well that's too bad. A number of commenting systems do allow you to edit or delete your comment so I hope that WordPress at least considers adding such a feature in the future. If there's any way to pass that on to The Powers That Be I'd appreciate it.

  14. BTW, I had set my "display name" to be something other than my full name but I see my full name has been posted. Is there any way to change that retroactively or at least for the future?

  15. Go to!/my-settings/ and under Public Profile you can change your display name.

    You should also update your Gravatar information, as that may be pulled automagically when you post on someone's blog.

    To do that, go to

    In the menubar at the very top, go to My Account > Edit My Profile and update your name etc. there.

  16. Your username will always show up in posts here in the forums. Your display name should show up on any comments you make on wordpress.COM sites, and also on other sites that use Gravatar.

  17. @jackiedanda Tried that but no dice. Beside my username there is "change" in blue but nothing happens when I click change except the page refreshes. The other info (email address, web address etc) is in editable boxes but not my username.

  18. You can't edit your username from the users section of your account. What you can do though is change it with the procedure outlined in this support page.

  19. Sory about that.

    There's actually a bug that's preventing people from using the "change username" link right now. I reported it a couple of days ago and I'm hoping it will be sorted out soon.

    You should be able to change your display name in both the and Gravatar profiles for now, however.

  20. ...just log out, use another email address to make another account, chose your username wisely, never log into the andylehrer account again, continue surfing using the new username.

  21. what would you do if somebody had EDITED your comments to make you seem like you were attacking them? can I appeal to get such a thing deleted?

  22. I think you should be able to get it removed on the basis of impersonation. Your comments have been changed and the comment that is there now is being falsely attributed to you.

  23. because somebody deleted a comment I made and replaced it with their name and shut up

  24. @unchainedaura
    Have you actually experienced this happening to a comment of your own that you are reporting here? Or has this thread just become a discussion thread now. Please advise.

  25. I have experienced this happening and just want the post gone , the same blog compares transsexual people to murderers rapists and peadophiles , my reason for commenting was to ask them to stop, they changed my words and made it look like I was silencing them.

  26. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  27. The best course of action in my opinion is a DMCA notice. You retain copyright to your words. If they were changed against your will and are displayed on a website, you have a legitimate DMCA claim.

    Also, that will set the blogger back. It might get the blog suspended.

  28. @raincoaster
    Great catch!

  29. I'm paranoid, and I have a lot of enemies. I always keep a DMCA template on my desktop.

  30. problem is she didn't copy them, I posted advising her her words were a potential hate crime, she deleted what I posteds and replaced it under my name with ogh shut up GM then used the words she had put into my mouth against me.

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