Need comments I made on someone else's blog deleted

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    what would you do if somebody had EDITED your comments to make you seem like you were attacking them? can I appeal to get such a thing deleted?



    I think you should be able to get it removed on the basis of impersonation. Your comments have been changed and the comment that is there now is being falsely attributed to you.


    because somebody deleted a comment I made and replaced it with their name and shut up



    Have you actually experienced this happening to a comment of your own that you are reporting here? Or has this thread just become a discussion thread now. Please advise.


    I have experienced this happening and just want the post gone , the same blog compares transsexual people to murderers rapists and peadophiles , my reason for commenting was to ask them to stop, they changed my words and made it look like I was silencing them.



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    The best course of action in my opinion is a DMCA notice. You retain copyright to your words. If they were changed against your will and are displayed on a website, you have a legitimate DMCA claim.

    Also, that will set the blogger back. It might get the blog suspended.



    Great catch!



    I’m paranoid, and I have a lot of enemies. I always keep a DMCA template on my desktop.


    problem is she didn’t copy them, I posted advising her her words were a potential hate crime, she deleted what I posteds and replaced it under my name with ogh shut up GM then used the words she had put into my mouth against me.


    to be honest most of the content there is transphobic hate speech, is there a way to report offensive material including slurs and discussion of desires for people to die?



    Calling for the death of people is a Terms of Service violation.

    When you are logged in – visit the blog in question and in the gray upper nav bar at the top of the screen you will see the blog name – mouse over the name and choose “reoprt as spam” from the menu – be sure to explain the why clearly and put a link to the Post / Page / Comment that you are flagging to make it easy for the TOS staff to find the offending material. Not as big a club as a DMCA notice but easier



    …editing a comment to change the intent of the original comment is illegal. If the changes are made to make it appear as though you agree, when you actually disagreed, then it’s defamation and libel:



    thanks that’s a huge help, I flagged a post on the blog fior repeated use of slurs, just hope wordpress see the rest and realise why I flagged it.

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