Need copy of the Mysql database and files of my site to transfer t

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    The blog I need help with is



    That’s correct, the answer is No. You can export the contents from the Dashboard Tools page.


    Sorry that message got away from me before I had finished typing!
    I did export the xtml contents from the tools page, so I have a backup now, but when I sent the file to my registrar they said they still need the Mysql.

    Can you help me locate the place for the Mysql data?



    You can’t get it. At you simply don’t have that level of access. In your new space, install software from, pick and install a new theme (use a reputable company, because many free themes have malware) and then import your contents.


    Thank you, that is really helpful to know. Right now I am using the Pilcrow theme. Is there any reason why I should change that?



    I would think that since it is available on both .com and .org it should be fine. ‘Automatic’ will have verified that it was malware free at the point they implemented it on


    Thank you so much for the advice!

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