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    Hi, I paid for the upgrade to edit the CSS and I’ve been able to do some cool things to the Sandbox theme, but I need to do more. I realize I’m very limited in my options until I’m ready to host my own site (still a bieginner to CSS) but maybe some of you can look at the site and give me some advice:

    The widget headings and alignment bother me – anything I can do?
    I’d like the content (the three columns) to be up closer to the masthead.
    Also, I’d like to build a little menu bar that stretches underneath the masthead.

    Any advice/help would be appreciated.



    Looks to me like it is Ok! You must have figured it out on your own!




    It’s wonderful — I can’t even figure out how to change the point size of the text type — but . . . your information will be much more reader-friendly if the background is light, and the type dark. Especially with a sans serif font, text type just disappears on a dark background.



    Easiest way I can see to push the content up closer to the header is to make the header smaller e.g. #header {height:100px}.

    Can you be a little more specific about how you’d like the widgets to look? The alignment of your top right text widget and the widget titles look off-kilter to me too. I would scrap the centering altogether, it looks old-fashioned and makes the text harder to read.

    The navbar thing is more tricky. I thought Sandbox had a #global div we could use for that but I can’t find it in the html, so maybe wordpress disabled it.

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