Need different captions for the same image in separate galleries. Frustrating!

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    I reuse a lot of images on my blog, casting them in different contexts depending on what I am writing about. I often like to put together galleries to collate images relevant to what I am writing about.

    The really frustrating thing is that when I caption an image in one gallery, the caption is then attached to the image and it carries over to the next gallery. If I change it in the second, it then is automatically changed in the first. I want the same image, in two galleries, but with different captions, since the context of the gallery is different.

    Is there a way to unshackle the image from the caption, so I can make it what I want, where I want?

    Here is are two galleries as an example. The first is sort of the master compilation, which I do not want to change. The second is not as important, but the captions in the first are out of context for the second. I had to just leave it blank in order to have the images not make since according to the sense of the article.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, the only way to give the same image different captions is to upload separate instances of the same image. There’s no way around this.

    You also might want to consider resizing and optimizing your images before uploading them. This not only saves you in storage space, but also retains image clarity and makes images load faster for your site visitors. More on that here:



    Why can’t the captions be changed? That seems like something WP ought to fix.



    @bubbasuess Thanks for bringing this up because it does looks like something has changed. I tested individual images in the Calypso Post Editor, but have not yet tested in the WP Admin Editor. On individual images in the Calypso Editor, you can choose to display or not the existing captions and it seems like you can add a different caption to an individual image directly in the post itself.

    I’m not clear yet on what happens to captions when the same images are used in a Gallery and will follow up with additional testing tomorrow (late here).

    I’m using the Sela theme on my test site at the moment but will change over to your theme, Parament, which is now a retired theme.

    Can you please in the meantime tell me where exactly you are adding your captions, whether in the Calypso Media Library or WP Admin Media Library or someplace else?



    Thanks for the help on this.

    I have been using WP’s old editor to make my pages. I basically create a gallery, select the images and then caption each one of them. I imagine that this is through the WP Admin Media Library. To be honest, I am not even sure what the Calypso Media Library is…

    If I can offer more specifics, please let me know!



    WP Admin then. If so, do you first add the Gallery images to the post and then go back and add the captions by editing the Gallery?

    Do you also upload the Gallery images from within the Post or are they uploaded first/separately to your Media Library and then added to the Post?

    Walk me through the steps you take.

    (Unfortunately, so far I’m not having the same kind of luck with the captions on Gallery images that I had with individual images. But I’ll carry on tomorrow and let you know.)

    The Media Library in the Calypso/New dashboard can be found here:



    I upload all the images into my media library. This is usually done through the “add media” button. I then select what I want and insert them into the text. For galleries, I start the gallery, then I sift through the media library for the ones I want to use. I typically then upload the new images that I want to add. Once that is done, I like to go through and caption them all. Normally this is all done prior to publishing the post, though at times I will publish it and then come back and rework the gallery.



    Also, for what it is worth, I think it would be great if the library could be broken out into separate folders, in order to organize images and make it easier to sift through them.

    I am not sure if others would find this useful, but I sure would. I know that this is not the main thrust of this thread, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to just throw the idea out there.

    Thanks again for helping me with this issue.



    I’ll answer your last post first because I’m still working on the other one. :)

    The real organization of images needs to take place on your computer hard drive or mobile phone because there are limited options after you upload. For anyone who works with dozens or hundreds of images on their site, I would suggest creating a site upload folder with sub-folders on your hard drive and use a naming convention like the post date to name the sub-folder. Inside the folder, I arrange the images in the order I want to upload them and then rename the images with the post name, abbreviated if necessary. It has saved me countless times.

    The WP Admin Media Library has a few sort orders that you can use and they are:
    -All Media Items

    -All Dates, i.e. everything
    -Monthly folders of when you uploaded media

    You can also search media by title and file name.

    You can also sort by each column heading in the Media Library:
    -Author (good for multi-author sites or multi-users)
    -Uploaded to

    Will post back later on the caption issue.



    Hello again, here’s what I’ve done so far in the WP Admin Post Editor:

    Add new post.

    1. Click “Add Media” button and select “Create Gallery” from the left column on that screen.
    2. Choose existing images from Media Library and/or Upload Files from that screen.
    3. Click “Create Gallery”
    4. On the next “Edit Gallery” screen, I added captions to my uploaded images.
    5. Click “Insert Gallery”

    To Edit Captions:

    1. Click the Gallery and then Pencil icon which brings me to the “Edit Gallery” screen.
    2. Edit the caption on 2 images.
    3. Click “update Gallery”

    Captions subsequently change in the Gallery itself.

    More importantly, looking at the WP Admin Media Library, the updated captions also appear in the Attachment Details of the file itself, which means this information is being stored along with the image. Consequently each time you use that same image in a different post or page, the caption will come along with it. (Gallery images are called up via a shortcode using the ID number of the image you’ve selected and this behavior can’t be changed.)

    I then created a second post with a Gallery using some of the same images as the first post and changed the image captions. The captions also changed on the first post.

    So essentially it’s the same thing you encountered when you first posted here for help and unfortunately my initial answer to you remains the same.

    At least in the WP Admin Editor.

    Later (after lunch), testing in Calypso Editor.



    In the Calypso Post Editor at

    Add new post

    1. Click the “Insert Content” button and upload 2 new images from my computer.
    2. Select 2 more images that were uploaded previously.
    3. Click the “Continue” button.
    4. Arrange images and select Gallery options.
    5. Click the “Edit” tab and give the new images captions (the already uploaded images have the caption from before-I changed one of them to something else and it also changed the image caption in the previous post)
    6. Click the “Insert” button

    So it does seem that Gallery image captions are attached to their images and its not possible to change them regardless of whether you create the Gallery in the Calypso or the WP Admin Editor.

    Back to Square 1. You’ll need to upload a second copy of the same image when inserting it in a Gallery in order to give it a different caption. Sorry for no better news and I would be very happy to learn otherwise.

    Again, I warmly suggest that you resize and optimize those images before uploading them because anything larger than 1200-1600 pixels on the long side in Parament is needlessly eating up your storage space.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

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