Need Domain Mapping Refund ASAP

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    I just purchased a Domain Mapping this afternoon, but I think I’ve regret that. Because what I actually need is a redirection from my to my self hosted….when I did mapping it’s only a domain changing but still pointing back to my old WP site. I didn’t read the mapping contract, that’s my mistake.

    When I was making purchase it was said on the dashboard that I can make refund within 48 hours, but I read the support site it’s 30 days….which one is true? There is no “Cancel and Refund” button in my dashboard either. (it’s still less than 24 hours so it should be OK, right?)

    Please, I desperately need refund ASAP. Any help from you Support Team would be highly, highly appreciated. I’m sorry for demanding and bothering….


    The blog I need help with is



    You need to contact the Staff – you can do that while logged in using the top navigation bar or:


    thank you auxclas…I have contacted the support and just tomorrow checking my inbox WP have paid the refund :D



    You be welcome

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