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need feedback badly before I continue

  1. I have written one blog entry so far and I would like some constructive criticism. Please do me a favor and read it. Also Once I actually have people reading it I will begin to post more things that vary such as short stories and more rants.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm on my way to check it out now.

  3. Could you please give me a reason to click on your blog when you can't even be bothered to tell me what you blog about so that I might know if I would be interested or not?
    Believe me, there are more enough great blogs out there, I don't waste time clicking on an empty link into "unknown"

    ...and to be honest., my first thought when I see posts like this ( not JUST yours, there are many of them in the Showcase forum) is...
    "This person is too lazy to even give me a preview of what they are about.. probably their blog is a lazy effort too... not worth my time.."

    My comment is nothing personal against you.. just hopefully a hint to what NOT to do when you are looking for readers.

    kind regards.... Kiwidutch,( a fanatical foodie, who's camera follows her though her crafting, cooking and travelling passions.)

  4. Sorry I wasn't really thinking too hard about that kiwi. So far I have two poems up and one blog that is mainly a rant about things that made me angry at the time. Later on when I get to it I'm going to be posting some short stories. That's mainly what I do.

  5. Cool livemorbidia,

    It's a pet hate of mine that so many here don't bother to tell us what their blog is about but still expect us to go there...

    it's got the the stage that regulars and not-so-newbie blogger won't take a look on principle.

    Cheers for the intro ...NOW I will visit your blog :)

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