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    I could have sworn that we had a link to the forums here under the “My Account” portion of the blue bar. We have a link to the main page of I think the support forums should have a link as well.




    Good point! I usually go to my Dashboard to access the forums. Having it accessible from the blue bar would be great.



    Count me in on that too. Like Vivian I usually go to my Dashboard to access the forums. But a forum tab on the nav bar on the front of my blogs would be a super and much used feature.



    yes yes yes! i have it in my other wp blog (hosted elsewhere) and it is very convenient for me there. but here i have to access dashboard first, which prior to the upgrade took a long time to load…

    even though dashboard is very quick now, it’ll be one less page load if the link to the forums is on the blue admin bar the moment i log in.


    or whatever. that would be excellent. it’s very rare that i need to access the front page, but the forums would be very useful in that menu.



    ctrl-d ?



    but we’re lazy, mark!



    ctr-d – sheesh, why didn’t someone tell me this before?
    Is there a lsit of keyboard shortcuts somewhere that I haven’t found yet? And yeah I’m lazy and would still prefer a tab please.



    Hey guys, why not consider also a link to the FAQ? that could reduce the support load here.



    but it’s at the bottom left of each dashboard page… so no reason for some people to keep spamming the forums with repeat faqs…

    probably the reason is that the links to faq and forums are placed to closely. surely naturally people would prefer to get help from people in forums rather than canned replies in faq although their troubleshooting is more common than they might realise.




    ctrl-a – highlight
    ctrl-c – copy selected text
    ctrl-v – paste selected text
    ctrl-z – undo (does not work in all circumstances)
    ctrl-x – remove selected text
    ctrl-s – save
    alt+tab – switch open applications
    ctrl+tab – switch tabs in Firefox
    The above I use the most frequently.

    In Firefox, click View and check Bookmarks Toolbar
    From your Favourites list drag the most used to that new Toolbar
    Then click View > Customise
    Now drag the Bookmarks Toolbar to the top of the screen just next to help. It should drop into place and you can then edit the properties of each favicon (right-click them) to remove the name – because you know where the link is through the favicon.
    You get the same screen space and several very easily reached links.



    I agree, drmike — great idea!



    woot! thanks :)

    It’s a catch-22 situation for forum volunteers because we do want to deliver speedy support to those who really don’t know where to begin.
    It’s true that bloggers who are too lazy to look in the right places themselves may think they can get a quicker answer out of a forum volunteer. It’s also true that if they were children then their mother would start delaying the delivery of assistance and eventually they would learn to help themselves.
    I’m aware of those I give my “canned” welcome to wordpress resources reply to and if I notice they are trying to game the support system I point them right back at it.



    Hey, ctrl-tab. Why didn’t I think of that? :)

    (To explain, I can’t use a mouse very well and don’t get me started about touchpads. I’m still about 90% keyboard because of my tremour)

    Mark – no Ctrl-D option. Locked down terminals on some occasions when I can’t get wireless. Really should be listed there since the forums are an important aspect of the support options around here.

    Plus it gives you a chance for another wonderful idea to be brought out of these forums. :)



    OY VEY! – touchpads don’t get me started on them either.



    if your laptop doesn’t have a mouse, then you know it’s female.

    because it needs to be touched (with the touchpad).

    *ducks from oncoming throws of wadded-up papers*



    alt+shift+tab – inverse switch open applications.
    ctrl+shift+tab – inverse switch tabs in Firefox.


    ctrl+D adds a link to if you have the yahoo! extension installed.

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