Need (free) theme for Writing Blog – Suggestions?

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    I got WP’s email about the new themes for pictures, videos, etc and wondered if WP has a theme I could use for my writing.
    What I’d like to see is a page like a gallery in which each block could have a picture, a Title, and a blurb about the short story or novel.
    Then when you click on a block, it would take you to a sample of that story (or if a short story, the whole thing).
    Is there something like that already available?
    Thanks :)



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    This is definitely possible here at :) I would start by taking a tour of the Theme Showcase — look at some of the demo sites, see if you find something that resembles what you want to do, activate the theme, then play around with it!

    You can add images to any post you make, and some themes allow you to use Featured Images in certain areas. But first and foremost, I’d find a theme you like, and try it on for size!

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