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    My question is related to but has general application to my various WP blogs. At present I am using the Titan theme which looks OK, but the links are shown at bottom of page. I want to move them to top right-hand side, so readers see them as soon as they open the site, but it doesn’t appear I can do that with this particular theme.
    Now this is something I want to do with all my WP blogs, so I need to know what themes permit this so I can change (I don’t want to buy a premium theme, cos I’m a senior citizen with no income apart from state pension). has a plugin which allows me to cycle between various themes until I find what I like, but doesn’t allow plugins.
    In general, is there any central database where I can read what themes permit various options and what they don’t permit? I am less concerned with appearance than with functionality.

    The blog I need help with is


    Titan supports a right sidebar. Go to appearance > widgets and put into the right sidebar whichever widgets you want.

    Look here, , my test blog has Titan and the right sidebar is full of widgets.

    To blank out the bottom bars, put a single blank text widget into each one of them and the widgets that are there now will disappear.

    To see which themes support sidebars, go to and then use the feature filter and filter for 2-column (sidebar + content).



    Thanks, this is helpful. But can I ask for a bit more help?
    I see that in the blog you linked me to, the links are at the bottom on the right. Presumably I can also move it to the top.
    However, what widget should I install? I’m going to take a look at what widgets are available but in case it’s not obvious (to me at least) I’d be happy if you could point me to it.
    Thanks again for your help.


    The links widget is the one you use to link to display links to other blogs or sites.

    Here are a couple of useful support documents for you on widgets.

    The support documents here are seriously loaded with information on the different features and such at Here are a couple more for those just getting started here.

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