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  1. I'm currently using (Green Marinée) for my blogs theme...
    But in presentation it says you can't edit the sidebar.
    So, I'm stuck with a pre-sidebar with things that I don't want on it.
    I LOVE THIS LAYOUT, but I can add or take away things on my sidebar.
    SOMEONE please help me, or wordpress, our looooovely bloggy service, please make the sidebar customizable.

  2. Green Marinee theme is one of the few themes that are not widget equipped so posting to a "support" thread won't change anything because volunteers answer questions here. contacting staff may or may not provide results.

    No Sidebars Defined
    You are seeing this message because the theme you are currently using isn’t widget-aware, meaning that it has no sidebars that you are able to change. For information on making your theme widget-aware, please follow these instructions.

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