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  1. I want to ask, if wordpress admin is on vacation? example is the weekly holiday or what? because I want to ask Support wordpress but it closed over the weekend. (6 September 11)

    okay, I'm Indonesian people, and I do not know the time difference there.
    so I feel my reply via email or the dashboard is not in reply. whether wordpress admin arrogant? previously, I apologize

  2. not on vacation at all - the slave were working off a large backlog of help requests and working to make WordPress.COM much better.

    The support contact form should open in a few hours - if you need to contact them at once use the email below

    Here’s the email address [email redacted] Be sure you include all details.

  3. hei @auxclass I often see you answer the questions in this forum, whether you are a member? haha LOL, just kidding.

    I was contacted via [email redacted]. but still no reply. I've been waiting 2 days. I might know, whether there is a lot engginering in wordpress? or can count on one hand? I just want to know

  4. Just an un-paid volunteer that helps a bit - not a staff member - just a fellow blogger

    The staff has been a bit overworked of recent and I see from the people helping that they have added more people to the staff and related support functions. WordPress.COM has many employees but I really don't know how many, and we only see a few Staff members in the forum.

    I don't know how big the backup is but I have seen a few people that have been waiting a few days.

    I will flag this for staff attention in case your request was lost or misplaced.

  5. yes I know, worpdress this is a great site in my opinion.
    I just hope the admins have more care and is open to users like me and others like you. And if I may know from which country you are? (master or mistress?) i am sory before

  6. Don't worry, we will reply your support message. Sorry for the delay.

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