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  1. Hi all.

    I am very new to wordpress and I hope you guys would give me some guidance on wordpress.
    Im wondering if i could i remove the ''W''logo on the internet tab?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    You can replace it with your own - see here:

    PS Please use more specific titles when starting threads here.

  3. hi justpi,

    thank you for your help.
    i have another question for you. please check out thi website and put your cursor on ''store''. there should be 3 pages coming out but can i block out people from clicking store page itself? because it would be a blank page as it is not categorized.

    thanks alot
    link :

  4. Hi, 6thempire. You could use your store page to briefly explain what you stock, how you sell, policies, why folks should buy your stuff, etc. And then repeat the links to your caps, shirts and pants pages, with sample pictures of the latest or hottest items, so folks can navigate there from the page itself. Use the Store page for your general information, then show your merchandise on the more specific pages.

  5. Hi Sideways, Thank you for your help.

    So i can't block people from clicking that page? i mean like even if there were to click it, the page is not able to be entered unless they click the other 3 pages?

  6. Yes, you can make it non-clickable, but it's a bit complicated. See here:

  7. I'm not experienced enough to know whether you could block folks from clicking on a page that is a menu item; I guess I would need to know why you don't want to use a page that could offer more general shopping information. You could put your caps, shirts, and pants pages as direct menu items and skip the shop page altogether...

  8. Wow, justpi, what a helpful page suggestion; bookmarked it. Thanks!

  9. BTW, 6thempire, I noticed you are using TwentyTen, which WP changed yesterday to having an infinite scroll of blogposts even though TwentyTen had allowed for four footers and the ability to set the number of posts to be viewed. Some of us feel this has been, to say the least, unfortunate. It may or may not affect your blog, for example with loading time for lots of images and videos, but you might want to keep an eye out for posts on this subject. It does mean that certain features in your current dashboard won't work. PS, I like your avatar/gravatar, you quick learner you!

  10. @6thempire
    Re: what sideways stated above in regard to the theme changes to Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven yesterday please see here >

  11. @sideways, haha thank you! so do u suggest that i should change to other themes? is there any you guys, the experts, would recommend me to use ?

  12. Topic: My background is black
    I played with the back ground color of a theme to see what it would look like now the back ground of all the themes I try are black. How do I fix that?

  13. 6thempire...I'm not that well versed in the variety of themes; I just wanted to warn you that the theme you are starting to develop with underwent a change; there may be more changes coming. You may be happy with it now; WP support replied to me that it should be "better behaved" soon, whatever that means. Some folks paid for the CSS upgrade and did lots of customization which now has messed them up. Proceed with caution. Also, you may need to check with WP staff and the terms of service if you venture too far into a commercial purpose if you are blogging free.

    As a medium for video, photos, updated news I think you've picked a nice theme; clean and simple which shows off the action and colors of what you've embedded, and in your case infinite scroll may not be a bad thing.. There are similar themes well adapted to video and photo; you'll have to try them out. Less is more when it comes to looking professional; weave in some interesting content so your posts are more than just what inventory levels exist. Create a draft post to be your "sandbox" and try out different content and doesn't ever have to go live. Use some RSS feeds in widgets to bring in constantly updated news your readers would like. Finally you want to be sure your theme's adapted to mobile access; make sure your theme is easily viewed on phones and tablets. Have fun and good luck!

  14. Tomswhite... and 6thempire, I've just recently found timethief's and justpi's sites for lots of help: and
    Wish I could be more directly helpful.

  15. @Tom: If you don't want to keep that bg color on your actual blog, then go to Appearance > Background, delete the number in the "Background Color" field or click "Clear" next to it, click Save Changes.

  16. Ok. So I am new to this. I post on two larger blogs, including a wordpress site that I do not maintain:

    I have never had issues uploading pictures. I have my own site at

    I cannot get images that are inserted into posts on the latter blog to not blur. I have read and read and read some more on here about resizing images before the are uploaded to WordPress, but I evidently still don't get it. And why would it not be an issue on other blogs? Is it my theme?

  17. The first sites you posted the link to above is not afree hosted blog and all support for that site must come from

    The second link your posted is to a free hsoted blog that we do provide support for. Unless you presize and optimize every image offline prior to uploading it image quality will be lost. Bringing the WordPress cropper into play results in scrunching of large images or stretching of small ones.
    image quality
    Maximum displayed image width by theme
    Ten Free Online Image Compression and Optimization Programs

  18. thanks for getting back to me. I tried Web Resizer from the link on your blog (very nice by the way!) and it went wonky. Are you able to see from the link what went wrong?

  19. Thank you Sideways and Justpi for your help.

  20. Justpi, that worked! Thank you!

  21. thank you

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