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    Ok. So I need to fix my feedburner account. Come to find out WP outsourced to goDaddy for the domain. When I called go daddy they said to make changes they need a 4 digit pin for WordPress? I do not know what this is. How can I obtain my 4 digit pin to give to go daddy to have them make the MX changes for me?

    The blog I need help with is



    I think this will help:

    But I will flag this for the staff to check this



    Thanks Aux. However, I have pointed my name servers to What I need is to access the go daddy account but they say I need a PIN number. Have you every heard of a PIN number for wordpress?



    The link makes reference to MX PIN and such but I have never needed to use those functions using those instructions – I have a mapped domain with email but I used a different method – that is why I have flagged this for the staff – they have more experience than I have



    If you’re referring to your domain manager, you can access it following this guide:

    Setting up your PIN is part of the process.

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