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  1. Hello all users,
    I'm not staff at WordPress, but I can help you with anything on WP I have searched for weeks to find all the infomation I need and now its time to reach out and help you!

    1)please do not post silly comments
    2)do not post any personal infomation (Email)
    3)treat everyone with respect, including their answers

    I'm happy to help you Sorry but I havn't got a blog as my other account was jammed with offensive content so I closed it,
    I'm online for a few hours!

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    Please also remember no advertising (Only your forums)

  3. I'm sure that will be very helpful. In all your searching, did you happen to read the sticky threads at the top of the forums?

  4. If people need help with wordpress, they will use the forums or contact staff. If you want to help others with wordpress, do it by answering questions in this forum or off your blog, but acting like a moderator or staff is not acceptable.


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