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  1. Hi,

    I'am having difficulty with my Classic Photography website, some days the website works, the other days there seems to be glitches that occur. For example, I want to create a new post with a gallery slideshow. I add media by uploading my media files ( JPEGS), click on create gallery, click the create new gallery button, Type: slideshow, then insert gallery. Post Format: Gallery. Update. I view my post and I see two slideshows?? I only want the slideshow that appears first, not the one with the black/gray background beneath the first one.

    In the past when I created a post with the same intentions, the outcome worked more than once. I don't understand why this is happening and how can this be solved? Thank you so much in advance, this has been frustrating for me.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Angela, with Photography Classic, if you set a post to use the Gallery post format, it will automatically generate the gallery from all images uploaded into (attached) to that particular post. You do not have to insert the gallery into the content area.

  3. If you haven't read through it, there is documentation in the Classic Photography Themes support forum at .

  4. Thank you for replying, much appreciated. I tried setting my post Engagements to Gallery post format and I added my media to that particular post without clicking on create gallery just before uploading my jpegs. There is no two slideshows but the images still appear underneath the slideshow (please see the engagements gallery). I just want the images to show in the slideshow not underneath. How do I set the post not to show?

  5. Also, I find now that I cannot rearrange the order of the images.

  6. You can hide the gallery thumbnails below the slideshow by adding the following custom CSS.

    .galleria-thumbnails-container {
        display: none;
  7. I don't know why but the above custom CSS code is not working (example is the shoe closet gallery that has the thumbnails).

    Hiding the thumbnails or the mini slideshow that shows beneath the main slideshow ( the one with the black/gray background) would have been a good idea if it worked. Can anything else work? Thank you again for your time.

  8. Hi, the images are showing below the slideshow (larger) because you inserted the gallery into the post. With Photography Classic, you upload the images while the post is open, but don't insert them into the post. You set the post as a "gallery post" and the theme will automatically put your images into a slideshow in that particular post. I just did that in my test blog and you can see the results here:

    In Shoes, edit the post and remove the gallery from within the post and make sure it is set as a gallery post type.

  9. The code I gave above was to remove the small thumbnails below the top slideshow.

  10. Sorry but I am still confused. Can you please list step by step?

    Don't I upload images by clicking on Add Media button? It always puts the images into the post.

  11. Thank you for the CSS code that you listed above, I see what you meant.

    Although I still don't understand regarding "With Photography Classic, you upload the images while the post is open, but don't insert them into the post."

    Please list step by step what you mean, would help immensely.

  12. I also researched on the wordpress support pages and still am confused. Would appreciate it very much if you can list what you meant step by step. Thank you again for your time and patience.

  13. I accidentally deleted a blog I wanted to follow how do I re-add and follow!

  14. You can't revive a deleted blog. Start a new one.

  15. how do I do that

  16. Go to and there's a New Blog button there.

  17. I also researched on the wordpress support pages and still am confused. Would appreciate it very much if you can list what you meant step by step. Thank you again for your time and patience.

    No worries, @merobellapaparazzi. Here is the procedure when using a Gallery format Post in Photography Classic.

    1. Start a new post, title it, set it to Gallery post format, and save.

    2. Click on the Add Media button (no need to click the "Create Gallery" button), upload the images you wish to use in the Gallery. After uploading them, do not click the insert into post button, but instead click the X at the upper right of the Insert Media window. Save the post and preview it and you will see the gallery.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

  18. I also researched this link:, but cannot find "the Gallery Page Options metabox, in order to drag items from Available items to the Drag items here to add them to the page section" under the "CREATING A GALLERY PAGE" section.

    Nonetheless, if I went to my individual posts and deleted the thumbnails and slideshows that were inserted into the post I find I no longer have access to controlling the gallery or being able to rearrange the images. Any help please?

  19. Just realized you replied, will try what you stated above. Thank you so much for your patience.

  20. Thank you for your help. I do have another question. How do I then rearrange the order of the images or edit the gallery?

  21. I tried reordering them after I uploaded before I "X" out of the add media window and my attempt did not work. What can I do? Can anything be done?

  22. To reorder the images, here is the procedure.

    1. Open the post in the editor.
    2. Click on the Add Media button. Near top left, you will see a pulldown that says, "All Media Items". Click on that and select "Uploaded to This Post".
    3. You can now drag and drop the images into the order you desire. Do not click the "insert into post" button, but instead, again, click the "X" button at top right. WordPress will remember your order. Save/update the post.

    For the change to be seen when you go to your site, or to that post, you may have to clear your browser cache. I did when I tested reordering images in Photo Classic.

  23. Yes! Success! Thank you so much for your awesome help and patience! Definitely makes sense to me now.


  24. Angela, you are welcome.

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