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Need Help about the about box

  1. I don't know what this feature is called. Take a look at this blog>

    She has a little box about her,is that box for specific theme only? or ALL theme can create that box?
    If yes, can anyone tell me how.

    My turtles blog has 3 authors> I want each post to show specifically who is the author. Can that theme used the about box?

    Thanks for the help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you figured it out?

  3. i figure it out? not yet. i dont mean author in the side widget. i am talking about author box under each post.

  4. A very limited number of themes have this feature of displaying the About information from profile pages under posts. Elegant Grunge, twenty ten and Duster have this feature.

  5. Your theme ZBench does not have this feature so if you want it each author will have to create a copy paste Author profile (About) and then each author will have to paste it in at the end of each of their posts. Of course as you point the Liquorice theme has this feature too. However, I cannot find a features filter entry for this feature in the Themes Showcase.
    As you have a multi-author blog this may be helpful. >

  6. Oh, sorry: You want the picture and short about thing after each post!

    That is an unusual feature of the Liquorice theme.

    You could simulate that by pasting the about code at the end of each of your posts. Just make draft posts with the code you need (image and text info and formatting) then copy and past it into the end of each post. In your theme, it can not be automatic.

  7. ~~ Tess
    Good morning. :)

  8. @timethief thank you for the link. I have thought that theme plays big part in it. I will take a look at those theme and decide which one is perfect for my turtle blog. i need the one that allow custom header.

    by the way, is that feature automatic or we have to set it first like arraging the widgets?

    @1tess thanks for the suggestion, but that would be a bit troublesome. i have 2 blogs to manage and adding code like that will easily confuse me.

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