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Need help adding the Follow me on Twitter button: instructions aren't clear.

  1. I am trying to add a follow me on twitter button to my blog. I've read the instructions but where it states "copy and past the code into the HTML for your site" isn't clear. Where is the HTML for my site" into where I'm supposed to copy the code?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Got to your dashboard and then go to appearance and widgets, then you want to scroll down the avaible widgets and drag the twitter one across to the sidebar,and put in your twitter username and there is a box that has display follow button and you want to click on that box. Then click save and your done. Hope I help
    I just started my blog today, I would be grateful if you check it out

  3. Thank you. I just added it but it appears on the sidebar, which is fine but I really want the icon to appear at the end of each post, along with the standard Like button (not the Facebook one). Any idea how to place the icon at the end of each story posted?

    The sidebar icon also displays your Tweets, and I don't really want them displayed but there isn't an option to type in Zero. Frustrating :)

    I will check out your blog.

  4. but I really want the icon to appear at the end of each post

    You already have a Tweet button below each post

  5. I like your blog. The colors are bright and clean. Wish I had fancy backpacks like the ones you featured when I was in high school. I kept a lot of diaries back in the day, and I still have some of them. It's fun to read them and recall what I was like at your age. Keep on writing.

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