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Need help and can't get WP to respond

  1. Hi - I sumbitted my help request in the official support form and tweeted my desperation, but no avail. Here's my issue:

    1) I was "trying on" different themes this morning, when all of a sudden the site just went to HTML (I think that is the right word).

    2) I defaullted back to my "Chunk" theme, but the graphics are still all gone (layout, etc). I checked it on my home Mac and on my office PC and it still looks this way.

    3) On top of this, it seems the site stats aren't tracking (probably because the site is down).

    Help, I don't know what is going on!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Disable Adblock

    2) enable HTTPS.

    Those two things seem to solve this issue. The site isn't down, but nobody running Adblock can see blogs right now.

  3. Where do I do this? Sorry, the WP site is slow and adblock isn't coming up in my help search

  4. Adblock is on your browser. Use Google to find out how to disable it on your particular browser: Firefox, IE, whatever.

    And the https instructions are here in the support docs:

  5. Did both, not working still.

    I should mention it was fine this morning, and then when I started switching themes is went wonky.

    What is wrong?

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