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Need help before I transfer my account

  1. mickeydownunder

    I have What's On The List
    Share your articles

    I see this link re $129.00 to do

    When I click on the link it says mickeydownunder1 (which is a dummy account; has nothing in it) IS available for transfer

    What's On The List (which is the blog I want to transfer is unavailable.

    I did not set the blog accounts up correctly initially and now that I want to move, I want to make sure I understand the process and that I can transfer my blog called What's On The List
    http://www.whatsonthelist simple and easily through the guided tour.

    Can someone please help? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. mickeydownunder

    G'day and thanks you timethief

    As an alternative plan, I would LOVE to stay with if your staff can figure out HOW I can have my address as my primary blog on

    Thank you
    Cheers! Joanne

  4. mickeydownunder

    You are subscribed to this topic...and please take as much time as is needed to resolve this issue. Thank you!

    Hoping there WILL be a solution.

  5. Hi Joanne!

    To summarize, you're looking to potentially transfer your blog to a self-hosted .org install. Is that correct?

    You should be able to do that following the steps listed here:

    Are you still having trouble?

    Also, can you explain a bit more about making the primary blog address? Currently, when I visit, I'm automatically directed to that address.



  6. mickeydownunder

    Thank you Jeremy for your time and reply.

    I have made the decision to stay at because of the wonderful support in these forums.

    I need to clarify some problems with my blog (as posted in my other question), so for now, I am here to stay and this question is now resolved. Thank you!

  7. Great Joanne! I'm glad we could get this resolved, and we're certainly happy to have you at Regarding your other questions, are you referring to making the primary blog on your account? If so, that can be done here:

    If not, feel free to let me know what other questions you have!

  8. mickeydownunder

    G'day and thank you!

    ok, I already have What's On The List?
    as my primary blog; have hidden original blog mickeydownunder 1 that is empty and don't use or have use for.

    My FEAR is if I delete my original mickeydownunder1 blog, it will delete What's On the List...that is my understand based on previous replies I have received here


    Is it possible to change my blog address from


    I see the info

    I can click on change blog

    Is there a way to change my blog address?

    Do I need to move the blog?

    Am confused and is ok to speak to me like am 5; am keen and eager to learn

    Thank you!

  9. It looks like you got it done. goes to a blog.

  10. mickeydownunder

    G'day and thanks for your time and reply! Always appreciated!

    I know it is properly redirected from to

    But how come it "shows" as the blog address

    if there anyway for it to literally show

    Just asking

    Thank you!

  11. Hey Joanne!

    Each blog hosted on has a default address. However, when you purchase the custom domain (like, that now becomes the primary address on the blog. For admin purposes, you will see, but visitors will only see in their address bar. Regardless of whether they enter or happen to enter into the address bar, they will go to the same place, and the final URL will look like Does that make sense?

    There is no way to remove as that is the admin address for that blog (but not currently shown to readers).

    To your question about deleting, that will not affect (or If you would like that removed from your account, you can delete it here:

    When doing so, make sure you do it from this dashboard:

    Please note, once you delete the site, you won't be able to use as a site address again.

    Let me know if you have any questions on any or all of the information above!

  12. Hi Jeremy,
    I just flipped the switch from Bluehost to WP on my blog, How long does it typically take for all of the content to display correctly? There are several pictures that do not display, but show the little "?". Yesterday, and this morning, before I flipped the switch to get rid of the in the url, all worked fine, and I know the photos were transferred correctly, so why are they not displaying now?


  13. The problem appears to be anything with wp-content upload is not displaying. This is a massive pain in the ass. This image transferred, but because the domain points to this: it is not displaying because I changed the domain mapping. Now what?

  14. @Alex - Just so I understand you correctly, you purchased the domain through BlueHost, then wanted to map it to your blog hosted on ( correct? Did you previously have this set-up as a self-hosted site on BlueHost?

    To answer your question, the mapping changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

  15. I purchased the domain "" about 10 years ago from Godaddy. I had my blog hosted at for about 3 years under that domain, switched it to a self hosted blog at BlueHost, and just recently painstakingly transferred the data back to Yesterday, all was looking good. Every image displayed, and the site looked top notch. Just today I purchased the "Premium" package, went to Godaddy, changed the NS1,2,3 to, and the switch was flipped on the WP Dashboard. Alas, all of the pictures that were previously sourced as /wp-content/uploads/... are not displaying. Please tell me there is an easier fix than going back through a couple thousand posts and editing the images...

  16. So what's the solution? I'm about to put the site back to BlueHost and ask for a refund on my domain mapping, but I really don't want to. However, the people hitting my site right now are largely landing on blog posts that have no image displaying properly.

  17. mickeydownunder

    Thanks jeremeylduvall

    GREATLY appreciate your time and reply! You make following suggestions/directions easy

    I was referring to trying to delete the original blog (which I have now hidden) so think that will be my FEAR was if I deleted my original blog called mickeydownunder1, it was suggested to me more than once, I would delete everything that came after that as one blog is piggybacked on the other so to speak...

    so far, so good I think and think now my question is resolved...will update to resolve and until next time!

    Genuinely and seriously...GREATLY appreciate!

  18. @TheFrontSteps - have you set-up any kind of redirect at BlueHost or GoDaddy? It looks like you moved the media files over so it should have updated the attachment URL for the images. You shouldn't have to go back through your posts and edit them all individually.

    @Joanne - Great! I'm glad we were able to get this taken care of. Let me know if you need anything else!

  19. Jeremy,
    I have only changed the NS1,2,3 at Godaddy from BlueHost to

  20. @TheFrontSteps - It looks like this is working correctly on my side now:

    Are you still experiencing problems?

  21. Jeremy,

    One must only scroll down and you'll see the rest that are not displaying. Or, check this out:

    or this:

    or all over the site. Thousands of images are not displaying properly.

  22. Hi Jeremy,

    Can somebody please, please, please email me regarding this? This is two days now that it's not right. I either need to hire someone immediately to fix it, or I need to switch it back to .org and BlueHost. These are popular posts people use to find my site, and it directly affects my business:

    This wp-content/uploads is the culprit, so how do I either get that img src to work again, or find the images in files on the new .com.

  23. mickeydownunder

    G'day and big thanks Jeremy!

    I am wondering if thefrontsteps query can be moved to a separate thread question as my initial inquiry is resolved; this way I don't get extra emails...

    Thank you!

    You did great Jeremy and if there is a ratings card or something that will help you, please send it to me and will fill out asap!

    GREATLY appreciate! Until next time and am sure thefrontsteps someone will be able to help you resolve your question too!

  24. @mickeydownunder, sorry, but have you tried unchecking the box at the bottom of the reply field "notify me of followup posts via e-mail".

  25. Yeah, but it's her thread. You hijacked it. Start a new thread for your issue. She wants to be updated on her issue, not yours.

  26. @raincoaster. "Need help before I transfer my account" that's the title of this thread, and that's exactly what we're doing.

  27. @TheFrontSteps - I've sent an email to the address on file for this account. Just reply back through that email and we'll get your problem resolved.

    @Joanne - Sorry for the extra emails!

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