Need Help! Blog doesn't load on certain computers!

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    Sorry if this is a common question. I’ve googled and searched everything I could think of before I decided to post here. I’m having a lot of people tell me that they can’t see my blog from certain computers. The home page just comes up as a black screen. At the same time others tell me that it takes a just takes a while to load and others say they have no problems at all (including me). Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA.

    The blog I need help with is



    I can view your blog using Firefox 6.0.2 but using IE8 all I see is a black screen. As many of us are using Windows XP and cannot upgrade to IE9 browsers this is indeed a problem. I will flag this thread for Staff attention.


    Thank you. Is there anything I can do on my end?



    All you can do is tell those who are using windows XP like me and who cannot install IE9 is to download a Firefox browser or Chrome.



    IE has plenty of quirky bugs, but fortunately many were ironed out by IE 9. I’d pretty much recommend that anyone use that over previous version of IE whenever possible (though I also recommend Chrome or Firefox over any version of IE).

    I’m wondering if IE 8 just can’t handle the fonts you’ve chosen. Is there any improvement if you switch back to your default fonts?

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