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Need help - BlogDesk "Entry Point"?

  1. Hi all! I've recently started a blog and have been doing all the entries online. I'd like to use BlogDesk to write them offline sometimes though so I'm trying to set that up.

    I get to a point though where it asks for my "Entry Point". What is this? How do I get it?

    I've tried leaving it as the default setting but when I get to the "Get Blog ID" stage I get errors.

    Can somebody help? Thanks in advance!

  2. Does it give an example entry point? Does it mention xmlrpc by any chance?

    I haven't used blogdesk so don't know for sure.

    TT uses it though so she will be able to answer your question for sure when she arrives.



  3. Okay, rather than being lazy and wait for TimeThief I went and downloaded it.

    The entry point IS for the xmlrpc.

    Your entry point *should* be



  4. Thanks a lot! That worked perfectly and I finally have it up and running. =D

  5. :o) Glad to hear it. Thanks for marking the thread resolved too! :)

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