Need Help Centering Tagline in Blaskan Theme

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    I’ve managed to figure out how to center the header image and the site name using CSS, but I’ve tried multiple times to center the tagline and am having no luck. Can anyone provide assistance?

    The blog I need help with is



    Since your blog is set to private, we can’t check it out to figure out how to help. You can continue to tinker, search the forums to see if someone else had the same issue, or you can temporarily set your blog to public so we can help, and then set it to private again.

    That said, I’m guessing your tag line is set in a div with a CSS selector. Mine is #site-description, so I’ll use that for my example.

    You want to center the div, not just the text within the div, so set a width for your div (it may already have one; that’s fine) and then set the left and right margins to “auto.” Something like this:

    #site-description {
      width: 250px ;
      margin-left: auto ;
      margin-right: auto ;

    Good luck!


    I finally figured it out. I did it this way:

    #header-message {

    Any ideas on how to put a border around either the widgets or the posts? There’s nothing but some white space to separate the two.



    I went with the sidebar.

    .sidebars #primary, .sidebars #secondary, .content-wide-sidebar #primary {
        border: 1px dashed gray;
        padding: 5px;
        width: 250px;

    The border attribute is (surprise, surprise) the border – one pixel wide, dashed, grey. You can change all of these. As many pixels as you want (one seems to fit your overall look); I chose “dashed” for the sample code, but you can choose between it, dotted, and solid. You can define a hex value color instead of a predetermined shade (it would look like border: 1px dashed #0F0F0F; for example).

    You can also change the border attribute to “border-left” and it will only show up on the left side of the sidebar, making it more like a dividing line. I would increase the padding (to 8px or higher). It’s cleaner in my opinion, but whatever you ultimately choose will look fine.

    Good luck!


    Thanks so much! You are a genius. I’ve been fiddling with it all day. I liked your idea about doing the whole “border-left” think…it does look cleaner. I also increased the padding to 10. Again, thank you! You’re a life saver!



    You’re welcome! I really am happy to help. It’s nice to solve problems!



    And it looks nice – good work.

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