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Need help changing the post format of my posts....

  1. Even when I select different formats for my posts, they still show uo on my main page in their full content. How do I make all of my posts actually be listed as asides or quotes... even though I already have it selected.... Very frustrated :(

    I have Hemingway Rewritten Theme, I want my posts to appear on my front page as a few short lines of the text or an image instead of the full post, but even when I select "image" or "aside" in my posts, they still appear in the full text on my front page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are mixing up two things. Post formats and excerpts only on the front page. Choose to use one or other because you cannot use both together.

    If you want to display only excerpts on the front page of the blog followed by read more links, you can insert "the more tag" into each post prior to publication.

    Alternatively you can switch to using a theme that automatically displays front page excerpts. This is a list of active themes on that use the excerpt instead of full post content. Here are the themes that do provide that feature >

  3. P.S. Just to be crystal clear on this you cannot insert "the more tag" into any post with any post format except the "standard" post format.

  4. I'm having a problem tonight with the insert read more tag. It's not doing it at the end end of the word I choose anymore but at the end of the paragraph. I'm inserting it as I always have.

  5. Are you attempting to insert it inside a blockquoted block of text?

  6. I have a line of Text, Say, Mary had a little lamb.
    Before if I inserted it after Mary, That's where the bread would be.
    Now it comes after Lamb.No matter Where I put it in the sentence.

  7. You can only use the more tag once in any post. Is that an issue here? If you want to split text more than once then you use next page pagination

  8. I'm only using it the once Like I've always done.

    I have two accounts, and it's ding it the same on both, I've used it 100's of times and I'm not doing anything different. Honest!

  9. It was from that page how I learned how to do it, do you know if anyone else has had this problem tonight?

  10. Staff are improving the editor and image handling features today. See here >

  11. Although not mentioned, they must have also made a change to the insert read more tag. It leads to a big imbalance with my posts on the Visual theme. Have you tried it yourself to see if the same happens to you? I would love to know if it does.

  12. I have to go. I'd be grateful if you leave a message about this issue if it's raised by anyone else, and the outcome of course.

    Thanks for your time.


  13. timethief, Ask all my questions on the subject from here. Got it!



  14. Hiya Nomadic Megan, Sorry for the delay!

    When I visit your site, your posts now appear truncated properly on the front page. I want to confirm that everything is working well for you now. If it is not, please let me know and I'll troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

    If you're still having trouble with your site, please provide me with screenshots of the problem areas. It will help me to see what you're seeing. You can upload the screenshot(s) to your Media Library, like any other image, and I'll be able to access it from there. Then drop me a note here when there's something(s) I should see.

    The page at the following link has some helpful tips for taking screenshots:

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks very much.

  15. OK, I've been doing this for years without a hitch... what am I missing?

    Created two post just this last week and for some reason they went from standard to asides. I'm using the Parament Theme and there isn't a format module for changing.

    Both post are void of a title and all the tags. I've tried editing every which way I can think of... but the posts are stuck, and so am I. Follow this link to my landing page and you will see what I see. It's the one without the title or tags.


  16. Sorry...

    I forgot the link.

  17. @mattmilamii I'm not exactly sure what post you are referring to, what's the title?

  18. Dear kardotim,

    Thanks for responding.
    I went back to the drawing board over the past few days and found a hard way fix. I rebuilt the post from scratch using the full editor. In the publishing module, I fixed the date and time to match the original. Somehow, the quick post editor recognized the entry as a photo instead of text and chose the asides format by default. Again, there is no module for changing post mode. Seems like a lot of trouble, but it worked. I'm just glad it was only two post, and both short ones. Unless there is a shorter way around the problem, I'll stay out of the quick post editor.

  19. I'm glad it works now, Matt.

    @nomadicmegan since we haven't heard back from your yet, feel free to contact us here if you still encounter issues.

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