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    Hey all,

    I started my site back in the winter, but didn’t really focus on it too much until June. Now that traffic is building up and it is starting to grow, I feel the need to clean it up a bit. I would like to add some additional pages (only have 1 at the moment), as well as different sections. Also, no matter how much I have tried playing around with the font size, it always has an odd cluttered look. I am reasonably educated in coding (no expert, but understand basic) and I guess I am looking for someone to help, or hire, to make the changes I need to have site looking better. It is if you want to take a look. And if you know of someone you would recommend, please leave in comments section or email me at (email redacted)

    Thanks a bunch,

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, we can help you out if your customizations are not too extensive, and if you have the time.

    We have also partnered with Tweaky, a customization service, and their prices are quite reasonable and they do great work, so you may want to talk with them about your needs and see if they are a fit for you.


    I appreciate the response and don’t think they are too extensive. How can I contact you?


    @andypsingleton, you can find me hovering around the CSS forum most days, but I have little time outside of my work here at this time. I can certainly help out with CSS here in the forums, if what you are wanting is not too extensive.

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