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Need help deleting a blog and finding two that I did not remove

  1. Good morning everyone,

    I need help removing a site I used to showcase a house I was helping a friend sell.

    The address is:

    When I try to delete the site I am still able to see it even after doing through the deletion process.

    I also need to recover two sites that I was unaware I deleted, not saying I didnt but I don't recall doing so. Both sites I can still see when I go to the addresses, but I don't see them in my admin panel under my blogs.

    The addresses for these sites are: and

    I appreciate any help that can be offered.

    Thank you :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. re:

    To delete a free hosted WordPress.COM blog you must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered a blog to delete the blog. To prevent accidental or inadvertent deletion of blogs, there are multiple warnings given that blog deletion is permanent and irreversible. Lastly, a verification link is sent in an email and must be clicked to delete a blog. If clicking that link does not work then copy and paste it into your upper browser window and click.
    Deleted blog URLs are not recycled, regardless of who registered and deleted them and no exceptions are made.

    Alternatively, to change blog visibility to private go to > Settings > Reading scroll to Blog Visibility and choose option 3 . See the guide here

  3. doesn’t exist

    Re: has not been deleted

    You must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to access the blog's dashboard.

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:

    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

    If you have lost your log-in information you can visit

    If required please complete the form for account recovery at this link and submit it to the Account Recovery Staff so they can contact you by email ie. not on these public support forums which are available to everyone with internet access.

  4. re:

    Is now deleted, I did the same exact steps as described before and it didn't work, anyway it is done now so that is all that matters :)


    and (I misspelled Jagged earlier)

    I am unable to get to. When I try and log in BOTH (which should be under the same account as springwood court was) post a message saying the accounts have been deleted, although like I described in my earlier post you can see that both still exist.

    I tried the account recovery so we'll see if hat helps.

    Thank you

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