Need Help Entering DNS Code Properly For My Email Please!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I cannot seem to figure out how to write this dns code in the right format. It’s my email thats not working. I can get to the login page but it wont let me go past there. The company says its because I have to change the dns. The company I got the email from gave me this code to embed in the DNS – (I was on live chat with them when they wrote this). This is totally confusing to me as I have never done this before. My domain is set up with no problem and is working. It’s the email I can’t seem to connect. Can someone please show me EXACTLY how I would write the code into the dns text box please….Help! :( THANK YOU! – Here is what they told me:

    “Ok. so you’d set up a CNAME to forward to
    and a MX record to point your domain to”

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi :) Thanks for responding so quickly! I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I have been to both these pages and still am apparently not typing it in correctly. Looking at what I posted above, any idea exactly how I would type this in (code and all). I have been back and forth on these two links for a long time now with no luck. I’m SO confused! :( Thanks!



    I’m sorry but I have never used Google apps for email. Hopefully, another Volunteer will be able to help you soon. If not then Staff will help you.


    Thank you :) It’s actually not from Google. It’s from but I have NO idea what I am doing. They say I have to ask WordPress (lol) so I’m just trying to figure it out somehow. I really appreciate your help anyhow! Have a great day….



    You’ll need to get the exact DNS records from your email provider, then you can add them to your Custom DNS panel:

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