Need help finding a plugin that does this…

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    Looking for a some sort of progressive dropdown plugin that would display on a sales page that I can use that allows a customer to make 2 selections for 2 separate dropdown menus.

    For example:

    1st dropdown would be “option A, B, or C”
    2nd dropdown would be “subscription X, Y or Z”
    Then based upon which selections they made from the 2 dropdowns would populate a “proceed to checkout” button with the appropriate checkout URL (I use MemberPress which is why I need it to correspond to a URL checkout).

    Any ideas??




    More clarification…

    If it were T-Shirts it would be:
    1st dropdown: select your color
    2nd dropdown: select your size
    then a “proceed to checkout”

    Mine is slightly different, but similar:
    1st dropdown: select your market
    2nd dropdown: select your subscription option
    then a proceed to checkout – this is a specific URL that I have set up that corresponds to what they have selected in the 2 dropdown menus.

    Hoping there is a simple plugin that can do that.



    Can you please mention the domain/URL to the site you are seeking help for?




    Sure, it is for

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