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    I’m new to WordPress and creating my first blog. So many themes to choose from! I’m looking for what should be a pretty simple format. It’s for members of my church interested in the written word to share their writings, make recommendations, and discuss the blog content. The content will really be just two things, articles written by members of a group, and book reviews by members. For the book reviews, I’d like to feature a photo of the book (with link to Amazon), and members will discuss the book. So, there will be many books listed at a time. The other part of the blog will be for the writers of the group, preferably a grid with link boxes showing the article’s title, writer, and the first few words. Or it can be in list form, as long as it’s easy to see many on the home page at once. I’d also like each of the featured writers to have photos of themselves on their articles, which can be clicked on to view their profile/bio and other articles they’ve written. Any recommendations for a WordPress theme, or even a good search term? I don’t want it to be flashy, but not blah, either.



    The only way to find one is to keep experimenting. It may take a long time, but it’s worth it. I



    Set the sort to Alphabetic and just page through the Themes – about half of them will be pitched right away just because you don’t like the initial look –

    You might want to pick a Theme that will let you add a picture in the header at the top – that is a quick and easy way to make a Theme “personal”

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