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    Hello all,

    Im a part-owner in a small business and am looking to talk with someone who can maybe help me understand if what Im looking for in terms of a wordpress site is out there. I’ve came across some themes where I like the design, however I also need a couple features that member sites offer (primarily profile pages with customized fields and a login function) as well as ease of use and customization on the backend. Let me know if any of you might be able to point me in the right direction to find some help or if anyone on here might have a chance to chat sometime then I can maybe explain better what it is Im trying to find. Thanks a ton in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Best for you to take a look at the differences between
    before you go much farther than just a question. The differences are significant, not just the money you pay to host a site:

    This is one thing you mention which indicates wp.COM is not what you want to spend time making work for your situation:

    primarily profile pages with customized fields and a login function

    on, those things are just not possible.


    We have a site. Already have it up and running with a customized theme. However we’re looking to add some new features to our business within our site. Its not a blog, we use wordpress for our business’ website


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    Yes, lots of people use for business sites. A blog is a site with extra capabilities to make posts in reverse chronological order. But there are many who use wp.COM because the hosting is free. You can make a page based website here. But there are restrictions on the code you can use, and the types of sites you can make.

    Please read the link I gave you about the differences between wp.COM and wp.ORG.


    Like I said above, we have a site. I understand the difference completely.



    Then you also understand that what you are asking for is not possible here, as tess explained, right?


    She said its not possible on a wordpress.COM site, we have There are member sites on (Buddypress, etc). However we just need smaller portions of that option



    Which are not available for WordPress.COM. So you need to build this on your wordpress.ORG site and be over there for instructions on how.



    Remember also that the bigger a site is and the more content it has on it the better search results you will get – if you can put everything on your .ORG site your search results will be better in the long run – splitting the content up on two sites dilutes your branding and search engine results

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