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    I was wondering if it’s possible to have only previews of all my blog posts on the front/main page, and by clicking the preview another page opens with the post (and only that post). So instead of all my posts in all their length on the main page, I´ll (and others who view the site) have much better overview of all the posts (similar to most news websites). Does wordpress have that option? Here’s an example of a website with a theme similar to what I’m looking for –

    The blog I need help with is



    You can do that with any themes except Monotone and Duotone, using the read more button, the icon with the dotted line. Just put your cursor where you want the page break to be and click it.



    Here’s the link for the instructions for using “the more tag” to split content found in the support documentation >
    Other ways to split content are found here >



    I just asked a similar question to support, looking for ways to show photos along with the text excerpts, and read more. my theme only shows text, but I’d like to add photos too. Perhaps in a grid style, not sure how. will check out links above. thanks in advance if anyone has any other ideas or theme suggestions. my current theme is Blix.



    Hello there,
    I assume this is your blog. In order to display images you must upload them into your Media Library (links above). Please see this support documentation entry for creating a Gallery >
    This is also very helpful >

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