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    Hi–I’m relatively new here and relatively inept when it comes to computer stuff. I was trying to put an image into a blog entry. I uploaded it, gave it a description, etc., but when I went to publish the entry, the image doesn’t appear on my page.

    Can someone just walk me through what I have to do? I followed the instructions in FAQ but again, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the image to show up in the actual entry I want it to.

    Sorry for what I am sure is an oft-repeated question, and thanks in advance for any advice! :)



    Sure, no problem!

    If you go to create a new post, here for you, scroll down to the place you uploaded your image. If you were successful on uploading an image earlier, clicking on the “Browse All” button will bring up a list of all images and media you have uploaded.

    If your picture is there, we can move onto the next step, if not, you need to click back on the “Upload” tab and upload the image again. If it is there, click on it and you will be taken to another screen.

    That screen should have the name of the image and some options. By default, the “thumbnail” will be highlighted with a radio button under the “show” and “File” will be selected under the “Link To” section. If you want to have the smaller thumbnail in yuour post and have it linked to the full size image that you uploaded, you can click the “send to editor” button now.

    If you want to change the options, just click on the ones you want and then click “Send to Editor”.

    It will send the image into your blog post entry above it and you can continue on writing until you have your complete post!

    Does that help?



    I am having the same problem, I have followen all the directions, done everything you said here, but I don’t get the picture I get the file name. I have tried and tried with no luck. I have done it before and it worked. What am I doing wrong?



    It uploads, but doesn’t show the thumbnail, is that what you are seeing kartrinahelper? What is the extension of your file? Is it a different format than that of your other photos you have uploaded? When you click on the filename does it take you to the photo?



    Yes I think that is what happens, I get the picture when I upload but when I send it to editor I get <imgsrc=’http/
    and so on

    The pictures come from my digital camera, the same one I have always used…no changes there. I tried to click on the file it doesn’t do anything


    I faced the same issue recently but put it down to being a complete novice. Please accept my novice solution.

    I solved it by saving my image with a .jpg.

    I had tried to upload a photo from power point (this has .ppt ending) and then had a second one I edited in Corel Photo Paint (this has .cpt ending).

    I was so pleased with myself that I put a “win a prize for a caption” to one of the photos.

    Enjoy and good luck.



    The *.cpt won’t work as you can’t upload files witht hat extention. And the *.ppt doesn’t do thumbnails since technically it’s not an image file.

    Here‘s the FAQ on what’s allowed.

    The other issue may be the file name. There’s a FAQ on that as well.

    I just took a quick look at the blog under your user name and I see all the pics fine. Can you point us to one where the filename is appearing instead of the thumbnail?



    Thanks all for the advice–Trent–The images are there and uploaded, but I’m not getting the “thumbnail” or “show” or anything but the pic, (which is in JPG) my options on top are: View Edit Cancel and then to the right of the image is: URL, Image Linked to Page and Image Linked to File. So this is where I”m lost. I’m in the post, I go to Browse All, I find the photo I want and the above are the options I have listed. Now I just don’t know where to go . . .

    Sorry, I feel like the answer has GOT to be staring me in the face and I’m just completely missing it!



    I’m having a similar issue. I can upload a pic, but I get only options for “Title” and “Full Size” but no thumbnail option. As a result, if I choose title it only shows the filename as a link to the image, if I choose Full Size it shows only a corner of the pic.



    To answer post of the last posts, stating the filename with extention as well as filesize in bytes might help. There are upper limits to the file size that will prevent a thumbnail from being generated. filename issues as well.

    /me looks at lozenp’s IP address (I can see it as a mod) and wonders if I can get a free pie out of this. :)



    Okay, I figured out how to get to that part that lozenp was talking about and I have that same thing–no options for thumbnails, only title or full.

    drmike–I don’t follow you, how do I do that? I’m not sure what you mean by stating the filename with extension or in bytes. . .



    If you put it in the blog full-size, you can still use the picture icon button to modify it, if you’re using the visual rich editor. Put the pic in the blog, then click on it, click on the picture icon (the tree) and set the width and height as you please. While you’re using the icons, you can also change it so that the link goes, not to the file, but to the source page or some other page as you please. Use the Link icon for that



    Thanks Raincoaster! I think I figured it out!!!! :)



    Just for reference I was asking for the name of the file and the size of the file. :)



    I can’t upload a picture from paint why is that?



    You need to upload it from a folder on your hard drive, not directly from Paint. Save it when you’re done using Paint on it, THEN upload it from the folder you saved it to.


    I am not getting a ‘send to editor’ button in my browse box. What’s with that?



    Depends. What are you using for a browser? Any security programs?


    I’m using Safari 2.0.4, no security programs.



    Safari is the problem. It’s been discussed many times on the forum:

    Try using a different browser, and you should be fine. I use Firefox on my Mac with no trouble.

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