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Need help (help from girls preferred).

  1. Im too indecisive about facial hair. Help me out please. It would mean a lot :P

    The blog I need help with is

  2. bothfeetcynthia

    I have to say, I am not a fan of facial hair in general. It hurts if you get too close. LOVE the title of that post, by the way, it made me laugh.

    Most of the guys I know grow the scruff to make them look more mature, and while most WOMEN I know find it visibly appealing, they don't enjoy the road rash it leaves on their face. :)

    Such a tricky decision...


  3. Haha, mine isnt rough. I keep it smooth. I dont like shaving my face completely, I look like a creeper when I do.

  4. bothfeetcynthia

    Bahaha in that case, KEEP THE MOUSTACHE!

  5. Haha, so beard and moustache? Or I could go '70s and just have a moustache. All I would need is some polyester, and sun glasses. :P.

  6. I think facial hair suits you, keep the moustache for sure and I think a goatee would suit you =)

  7. halfblotprincess

    keep everything - facial hair and moustache. ;)

  8. my opinion if you want to get the girls... I dont like this pic that your link leads to. It looks just a little to sparse unkempt. But on your about me page youve got 3 examples. The full shave looks really great. The thin mustache with faint beard (in front of the shower) looks edgy and dashing. The bottom pic with full hair and beard is not so nice. Many girls will think you are just being lazy with the razor and that will put them off. Get rid of the full face and keep only a small gotee.

  9. Have you seen the reaction of little girls when their dads/uncles grow beards. Its usually e-e-e-e-ew-w-w-w-w-u-u-u-u. I still feel like that - altho' do agree a goattee is nice.

  10. Yeah im going to stick with a goatee for awhile. I just shaved so itll be like 3 or 4 days till it starts looking good.

  11. I like full shaved, but you can pull off the scruff if you don't want to completely shave. I personally am not a fan of goatees or chin straps especially, and I find full beards and moustaches are very old-looking.

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