Need help in finding Theme.., Please

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    Hi Guys,

    I want to thank you in advance for visiting this help request,

    I am looking for a theme which looks like the attached pictures,

    Features needed

    Home page>
    Website name with option to change the banner image
    Below that, different tabs for categories, on clicking them goes to very small description of posts in that category
    Recent post with few lines of custom description details
    Right pane – years & months, on click, will expand to the posts in that month
    Bottom Pane – a scroll of related posts with images & text
    Right pane – years & months, on click, will expand to the posts in that month

    post page>
    Post tile
    Audio or, Video or, Image
    Below in the tabbed section, text
    Need only left side vertical tabs for the first tab(Form 1)
    Right pane – years & months, on click, will expand to the posts in that month

    The attached picture shows the layout of each post with NO comment section


    Post Page

    In your expertise, Please help me in finding a theme..,

    Thank you


    Member bloggers now have over 100 themes to choose from. The ONLY themes we can use on free hosted blogs are located here > Appearance > Themes.

    Dashboard Theme Search Utility Feature Filters

    You can use the search utility and Feature Filters in your Dashboard > Appearance > Browse Themes > Feature Filters to locate themes of interest to you. (A-Z, Popular, Features)

    Each theme has a thumbshot and a summary description of the features. You can browse and when you find one of interest you can click “Preview”. When you are ready to make your selection you can click “Activate”.



    Just in case you are not referring to a free blog from being free hosted by WordPress.COM I’m providing this link.

    If you have a blog hosted by any other web host the correct support forum for that blog is here > http://wordpress.ORG/support


    What you are wanting is not doable here at wordpress.COM. You are going to have to self-host a blog to get that kind of flexibility and I think you had better have a very good knowledge of PHP scripting (that is what wordpress themes are written in) and a very good knowledge of CSS. With PHP scripting, since it is so powerful, if you do not have a very gook knowledge of it, and the security pitfalls, you can open your site up to hackers without intending to and have your site trashed, or completely vaporized.

    Self-hosting will cost you about $10 to $25 per month ($120 to $300 per year) total cost depending on your storage and bandwidth requirements.



    Thank you Time thief & Sacred path,

    As an Non-Beginner in PHP and CSS, I am looking for a theme based blog initially to host on

    I asked this question, because our members will be having an eye on different themes,
    I thought someone would suggest me a theme, which will closely satisfy my functionality, Need not be a perfect fit, I am looking more on functionality.


    Member and run on different software. free hosted blogs are all on a single multiuser blogging platform. installs are for self hosting.

    I am looking for a theme based blog initially to host on

    The ONLY themes we can use on WordPress.COM blogs are found here > Appearance > Themes

    As they have all been adapted to run on this software at where all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same template. The adapted verisons for WordPress.COM CANNOT be exported and uploaded into WordPress.ORG installs.


    You can use the feature filter under appearance > themes (to the right of the search box) to find which themes support custom headers or backgrounds, etc.

    The enterprise theme has to navigation bars at the top. The top one is for pages and such, and the lower one will show categories. Also, it supports the custom menu feature, so you can actually customize both of those top menu areas and include exactly what you want, even with pulldowns (submenus).

    You can use the “more” tag to break posts where you want them, but it does not allow you to define a custom excerpt. Anything above the more tag shows on the main page and anything after will only appear after someone goes to the single post page by clicking the more tag or post title.

    The recent posts or archives widget can be put in the sidebar, but it does not expand when clicked. We do not have that functionality.

    Some themes here have bottom widget areas. There is no scrollable section or widget that will show recent or related posts. You would have to do something like that manually in a text widget in the bottom widget area (if you choose a theme with bottom widgets.

    We cannot set different widgets for different pages here at wordpress.COM. In some instances there are “no-sidebar” page templates for static pages (not post related pages).

    With some themes you can set the general layout. 1 sidebar right or 1 sidebar left, or sidebar left and right, or two sidebars left or two sidebars right, or no sidebars at all. In a few themes, you can with the no sidebar layout have bottom “sidebars” though.

    If you filter the themes by “recently added” you are going to find the themes with the most flexibility as far as layout and such.



    Thank you Sacred path for all the guidance,

    I thought the posts arranged on calendar months and years is a common layout in wordpress


    The archives widget will show links to months/years and clicking on that link will take the person into a listing of just the posts from that particular month. You can see what this looks like by going to my blog here: . The archives widget is in the sidebar about half way down.

    You can also use the “archives” shortcode, which can be set to show a listing of all posts, but in the basic form, it does not indicate dates. If you use the date attributes to show by month, what you basically get is exactly what is in the archives widget.



    Thank you Sacred Path for all the information, I will start tweaking..,



    If you find any blogs which has the features, I have asked for.., could you let me know..,

    Thank you

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