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    from some reason everytime i choose a different theme, it keeps not showing the theme in full, but uses the data from the blog. outcome is i like a theme, it doesnt my data on all aspects of the theme. if i could reset the data in my blog, maybe themes would show up as they supposed to and i can choose a theme i like and start again.

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi katrin3112,

    If you just want to see how themes might look with your blog, you can go here: If you are logged in, you can click Live Demo and you’ll see how the theme can look once set up.

    If you want to reset your blog content, you can remove your posts and pages, or revert them to drafts, but it’s really best to have some content, so that you know how everything will look!

    What exactly is wrong about what the theme shows when you try one?



    I’ve removed all content and still after I try and pick a different theme it just doesn’t allow me to make changes and look different then the theme preview…



    Hi there – do you have a site hosted with us here on The only site I see connected to this account is, which is looks like it’s hosted over at Wix. If you need help with your Wix site, please contact Wix support and hopefully they can help you out!

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