Need help inserting PayPal “Buy Now” button, NOT “Donate” button

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    I am working with a group that is selling tickets for an upcoming event on our website. ( We have registered a PayPal account and I have gone through the steps of creating a “Buy Now” button for our product. It has given me the following code:

    <form action=”” method=”post”>
    <input type=”hidden” name=”cmd” value=”_s-xclick”>
    <input type=”hidden” name=”hosted_button_id” value=”4388849″>
    <tr><td><input type=”hidden” name=”on0″ value=”Oskar Concert Tickets”>Oskar Concert Tickets</td></tr><tr><td><select name=”os0″>
    <option value=”Individual Ticket”>Individual Ticket $6.00
    <option value=”Group Package (5 tickets)”>Group Package (5 tickets) $25.00
    </select> </td></tr>
    <input type=”hidden” name=”currency_code” value=”USD”>
    <input type=”image” src=”” border=”0″ name=”submit” alt=”PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!”>
    <img alt=”” border=”0″ src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″>

    Through reading forums on “Donate” buttons I’ve discovered that, for whatever reason, pasting this code into my website won’t work. I haven’t been given any other options on the PayPal page to put in the button as a link (as was demonstrated on a PayPal “Donate” button insertion help page), and I’m not quite sure what to do next. I’m operating under a deadline (must get this up ASAP, ideally by midnight) and I’d appreciate any advice. I don’t want to put a “Donate” button in because that is not applicable to the mission of this product; it’s a purchase, and I’d like it to say “Buy Now.” Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Another question: am I even allowed to put a PayPal “Buy Now” button up on my website, or are the only buttons allowed “Donate” buttons?


    The code for paypal “buy now” buttons is not allowed here, it contains a form. Forms, javascript, iframes and flash are not allowed here due to security concerns.


    These resources should be reviewed carefully when thinking about selling something on a wordpress.COM blog as what is allowed is very narrow, and in the end, you really need to ask staff directly so that they can make a decision if what you want to do would violate the terms of service here.

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