Need Help Installing E-Commerce Theme

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    Hi Helpful People:

    My end goal is to get this wp theme: up and going… (BTW – I’m not that tech savy)

    I installed wp, did the hosting and mapped the files from the theme to my ftp client in bluehost. So according to the directions below, I was click on the “presentation” tab and select it as a theme after I was finished uploading all of the files. So I finished uploading the files and go into wp and can’t find anywhere to launch the theme! I don’t see a presentation tab, but I did find the “theme” section and it wasn’t in there. What am I missing?

    Here are the directions on how to install this thing:

    Installing the Market theme is just like installing any other WordPress theme, with just a few exceptions. First, within the folder you found these readme in you will find two other folders. One called “market” and one called “plugins”. The market theme requires the use of just one small plugin to change the default sizing of WordPress thumbnails (used later for the custom fields). Basically what you want to do is this:

    1. Upload the “market” folder as is to your …/wp-content/themes/ folder. Once this is done, the structure should look something like this: …/wp-content/themes/market.
    2. Next, open the plugins folder and upload the folder found there to your …/wp-content/plugins/ folder. Once uploaded the structure should look like this …/wp-content/plugins/shiftthis-thumbnail-size/.
    3. Once the theme is uploaded, head to your Presentation tab within WordPress and activate the Market theme. Nothing earth shattering here, right?
    4. Finally, we need to activate the plugin. Go to the Plugins tab and activate the ShiftThis | Thumbnail Size plugin.
    5. Once the plugin is activated, go to Options > Thumbnail Size and set the “Thumbnail Maximum Height/Width:” to 50. Hit update options.
    6. You’re done.

    Thank you very much for your help!!




    Hey Greg! These forums are for blogs hosted with so you need to be asking over in the forums for all people who downloaded the software for another host (like bluehost):


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