Need help moving from Blogger to WordPress via BlueHost.

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    I’ve read several tutorials but I’m missing something somewhere and it’s driving me insane. My blog’s been down for 24 hours now and I really want to get it back up. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve done:

    -First, I purchased a domain from GoDaddy via Blogger a few months ago (
    -I opened an account with BlueHost yesterday.
    -I created a free blog with WordPress (
    -I transferred all data from Blogger to
    -I changed the domain address at GoDaddy to BlueHost but now a generic BlueHost page appears at

    Now I have several questions:
    -Do I need an upgraded version of WordPress to move my self hosted blog from Blogger to WordPress using BlueHost?
    -What do I need to do to be able to manage my original blog ( through WordPress while hosting with BlueHost?
    -In addition, I purchased a custom blog template… do I upload that through BlueHost of WordPress?

    I once considered myself pretty computer savvy but I’m new to blogging and the back end of websites so I feel like a complete idiot! Help!

    Thanks. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve been working on this for over 24 hours now and I’m getting so impatient that I tried to do it again myself. This time, I tried to migrate my blog through WordPress, thinking I could move it to BlueHost later if it worked. I paid the $13 to host the domain and everything looked like it worked. Then I checked the location of the blog and instead of using my domain of, it created a new one: I KNOW I specified that I didn’t want to use a domain, that’s why it charged me $13. What is going on?!



    The $13 is not to host the domain; it is to attach the domain to your URL. Have you set the nameservers to point to Here are the instructions



    You have mapped your domain – you don’t have your name servers set correctly if you want to map to your blog here – see below – but if you want to use for a WordPress.ORG install then pointing the name servers to Blue Host is correct – but you need to get help for any WordPress.ORG install over at

    For more on the difference:



    Wow, I have read at least a dozen online articles about how to make the switch and not a single one of them mentioned using WordPress.ORG, they all just said WordPress. I even went back over them after reading your reply. That’s the issue.

    Thanks so much for both your responses.

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