need help! my blog is being censored

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    I am very new to the world of blogs and I made the mistake of letting the person making my website put a wordpress blog into the site.

    He misled me as to what the blog would like. It lacks the basic features that a free wordpress blog has. On this “customized” wordpress blog on my site I wrote about this. I never mentioned him. I was talking about my feelings and did not say anything that was untrue. I was mainly chastizing myself for being so stupid.

    He has insisted that I remove all statements.

    I will do it because I don’t want to get in a fight with him. He has control of my site. However, he has already blocked me, so it appears.

    Can someone censor me for telling the factual truth as to how I feel? Can I get my blog under my control since he used wordpress to set it up?

    Any help would be more than appreciated.




    I’m sorry about your problem. But you’re on the wrong forum because the software of your blog was downloaded from The place to post your question would be at their support forums. They may be able to help you with your problem.



    You own the copyright to all the words you wrote; nothing he can do can give him those copyrights, so that would be the way I’d go after him. Assert your copyright and threaten to sue or charge him with theft of intellectual property.

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