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Need help re-ordering posts

  1. I thought there was a simple setting I could change that would re-order all my posts in chronological order, with the oldest at the top of the first page, followed by the 2nd oldest, etc. But I can't find that setting. Can anyone tell me where I might find it? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but that's not possible here at at this time. The very nature of a blog is defined by reverse chronological order and I know my readers would not want to scroll through over 600 posts to locate my most recent post. However, that structure does not suit all blogs and you can create a book structure for your blog.

  3. I'm new to blogging and have a similar question. On my Blog homepage, the welcome post is at the bottom and my first entry is at the top---I am fine with the most current posts being at the top going down in date order but how do I get my Welcome to my Blog post above all subsequent posts? It seems moot to have the Welcome post at the bottom of the page.


  4. Is this you?

    It's always good to provide a link to the blog you are asking about, or to link your username to your site.

    Take a look at this to make a post stay on top—note the sticky post option:

  5. I'm new to wordpress.

    my posts are coming up with the oldest at the TOP!

    how do i fix this? help please!

  6. @mirbunny: How can you say that the oldest post is coming on the top when there is only one post on your blog?

  7. thank you 1tess, yes is me and that worked yippeee

    One more question--how to change font size and color---I've looked all over the back end and see nada--
    u rule!

    Thank you again :)

  8. You would need the Custom Design upgrade to change your fonts theme-wide.
    Here is information:

    You must pay for the upgrade yearly, per blog.

    If you just want to change the fonts on posts and pages, it can be done with html on each post or page. Let us know if that is what you want.

  9. Oh, and thanks for linking to your name! Makes it so much easier for us volunteers…

  10. I wouldn't mind paying however I do not know HTML and would like to just highlight and select like in Word...not possible?

  11. If you just want to change a word or two, then you can use the Visual Editor:
    That shows what the various buttons on the Visual Editor do. Does that help?

    To change whole posts, take a look at this:
    HTML is nothing to be afraid of, and with this set of codes, you can pretty much just copy the code, then type in what you want. (See the note about changing span or p code to div code)

  12. didn't work for me--- :( That's why I use a website program that I can drag, drop and click

    But thanks anyway

  13. The other thing you might try is an off-line editor such as Ecto for Macs or LiveWriter for other operating systems. LiveWriter is free.

  14. Thank you---I can only imagine how great the support is for paying customers as the forum help is awesome :)


  15. For us volunteers, the task is a hobby, something to do for fun, perhaps an addiction, an interesting way to learn things, to talk to folk we wouldn't normally meet…

    The time I've spent on WordPress has been most enjoyable.

    You are very welcome. Happy blogging!

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