Need help reformatting Manifest theme site

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    Here’s my site:

    And here are the changes I need to know how to make:

    1. I’d like to make my title “INDIA AUTRY” into upper and lowercase “India Autry.” It’s typed in that way in “Custom Design,” but is still showing up in all caps. I found a way in CSS to make it all lower case “india autry,” but that’s not what I want.

    2. For the menu bar, whatever page you’re on is highlighted in the menu bar as black and bold, while the rest of the menu bar pages are gray. Is there any way to change this to gray and bold?

    3. As you can see, my home page picture has a whitish background and the column in the middle of the page also is white. Is there any way to either put a border around the picture or change the color of the column?

    4. I see in “Custom Design” how to change the color of the background (the area behind the white column). But no matter how bright and bold the color that you select is, when it’s applied to the background, it becomes pastel and faded. Is there anyway to change the background to a bold color?

    5. (This question might make Number 4 moot). Can I expand the margins of the middle column? I found some CSS stylings to do this, but they made the title and menu bar off-center.

    Thank you! I know these changes seem picky, but I’m trying to make them at the advice of mentor, so if anyone could help, I’d appreciate it!


    The blog I need help with is

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