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Need help regarding reblogging of my posts please

  1. One of my posts was reblogged without my approval, is there any way to remove it from the other persons blog?

    I have my blog set so that I have to approve comments, but now that this item has been reblogged (as a straight copy) I have no way of controlling comments, etc, and iit is now on a blog that has no relevance to my original content.

    Also, is there any way to stop this happening in the future and can I block a named individual from reading my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot prevent the reblogging of excerpts of our posts on public blogs. There is no opt out option provided. We cannot block anyone from reading a public blog.

  3. In case you haven't found this option and would consider using it we can set our blog visibility to private.

  4. It isn't so much the fact they re-blogged that bothers me, but that I have my options set so that I have to approve any comments made, now I find that by someone re-blogging my entire post (not just an excerpt) I have lost any control over comments made. This worries me a great deal, why offer those options if they don't actually mean anything and can be so easily over-ridden?

    Surely if WordPress can see a need to offer comment moderation it should also see a need to have re-blogging approval? I know I can't stop people copy & pasting etc, but this is a case where the entire post, including a copyrighted image, has simply been re-blogged in full and on a blog that has nothing to do with the original content.

  5. I hear you. Reblogging is very controversial and we Volunteers have no role to play in the process of creating policy or providing features. If you wish you can send your feedback on this feature to Staff.

  6. Thank you, I have raised this with the support staff.

    I just don't see any point in WordPress offering comment moderation if that disappears as soon as it is re-blogged. There should be an option to block re-blogging in the same way that I can block comments should I wish to.

  7. Comment moderation is offered more as a spam prevention measure than as a tool to control what's said about your posts, really. After all, there's nothing to stop someone else posting their reponse to their post on their own blog if it didn't make it through moderation, though of course you'd be able to censor the trackback.

    I'd suggest posting a prominent notice in your sidebar saying that you would prefer it if your posts were not reblogged, stating your reasons why. Decent people will be happy to comply with your wishes and anyone else would just copy/paste your stuff regardless.

  8. If you do not want anyone remarking on what you've posted, don't publish it publicly. Once it's on the internet, people will talk about it, often in writing. You have, for instance, no idea what people are saying about it on Facebook, etc.

  9. I am happy for people to remark on my posts and yes people can and do copy and paste things all the time. Nothing at all I can do to stop that I know.

    I have no desire to become the thought police, but I do object to someone being able to lift an entire post, re-blog it in the exact same format, so that should a screen grab be made it looks like it is a post on my own site, still showing me as author, but with my ability to moderate comments removed (I have comment moderation set for a reason after all). Should anything offensive be said, then anyone who doesn't understand how re-blogging works will assume that I have allowed that comment to remain, when in actual fact I have no way to remove it, or even comment directly on it unless the re-blogger chooses to allow me to do so.

    I have no desire to control the internet, I just want don't think it is right for comment moderation to be removed at the point someone re-blogs it. If a post already has comment moderation or a no comments allowed set on a particular post, then should it be re-blogged, those settings should remain and the original author should be the one moderating comments, not the person who is simply re-blogging an entire post!

  10. Report those who reblog whole posts to Staff.
    announcement link >

  11. Thank you timethief, I have already contacted support regarding this matter and I am awaiting a reply.

    I still think that allowing others to re-blog should be an option we have to activate, I have spoken to a number of people who blog using WordPress and non of them were aware of this function, all assumed that if they had their comments set for moderation then that protected them, not realising that this could be over-ridden by someone re-blogging their post.

    It does make a mockery of the WordPress security settings if there is no way to disable the re-blog option.

  12. do you mean that someone copied your entire post on another blog and you are unable to comment on the post on their blog? Unfortunately this happens frequently. If it is not another, there is nothing WordPress can do about it.

    What I do is send what's called a "DMCA takedown notice" to the admin of the blog and their web host for copyright violation. You can find a sample notice if you Google it. This usually does the trick. I also have a copyright notice and TOS prominently featured on my blog, to deter this sort of thing.

  13. Wow, I just clicked on time thief's link and realized it is the WordPress reblog feature that you are referring to. Was not aware this feature allowed one to reblog the entire post. Would like to see what it looks like since I thought it was a snippet. I too think it should be opt-in. RE a DMCA, if the web host--in this case WordPress is sanctioning reblogging, it's unlikely they'd take it down. This is very unsettling to me

  14. Hi there,
    Please see what Staff have said here:

    .... Reblogging as a feature is here to stay on and at this time we don't have any plans to allow blogs to specifically block the reblogging of their content.

  15. One of my recent posts was reblogged. The first 78 words were used, as were both of my photos - one full size, and one as a thumbnail.

    I am not pleased about this. I have contacted WordPress staff and the author of the blog. If I could choose to deactivate this feature, I would.

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