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  1. Hey (Im danish, so dont speak very well), I was just trying to add a subscribtor, just to see how it works.
    So I added myself on my own e-mail (THE SAME EMAIL AS MY ADMIN LOG-IN).
    Now wordpress has changed my profil from being a admin to a subscribtor, and im no longer admin.. How do i become admin again?

    Hope someone has the "power" to help :)


  2. Please stop using all caps. It's considered shouting and is very rude.

    Please contact Automatic with the address you use to sign up and let them know what you've done. I'm sure it'll get fixed shortly.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Sorry, was not trying to be rude.
    I will try it out..

    Thank you

  4. Fixed :)

  5. Thank you so very much podz :) ..relieved

    Im pleased to be a member..


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