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    Hi all,

    my goal is to get my header and menu to look like this:

    I am able to use repositioning to get it where I want to go, but then the header covers the menu. I did the z-index thing to change it, but then the bottom of the circle gets hidden.

    My goal is to have the white of the circle visible as well as the menu. Any ideas? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Even if you were to adjust the z-index properly, the menu bar itself is black and if it’s on top of the header image, it will cover up part of the white circle of the logo.

    To get around that, you might update the header image to include a larger black bar so you can use that as the background for the menu and just lay the menu over the top of it with a transparent background.

    Here is an example as a start. Note that it will look funny until you update the background image to a new one.

    #menu-primary {
    	top: -44px;
    	z-index: 9;
    	background: transparent;
    #menu-primary div {
    	float: right;


    designsimply, you are a rockstar. Thanks!!

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