Can I get help setting up my Namecheap domain to redirect to my blog?

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    I’m having trouble setting up my Namecheap domain to redirect to my WP blog:

    I set my Namecheap account to redirect to my blog using the help I found in the Namecheap forums, but now whenever I type in my domain name it just gives me ‘too many redirects.’ I am currently using Namecheap’s domain name servers (DNS) for my domain. They said I had to or else URL forwarding will be disabled.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Do I need to put anything in the WP Custom DNS Records box? Thank you for your help.
    Blog url:


    You do need to, on Namecheap’s side, set the nameservers pointing to us (, and and disable URL forwarding. Once that is done, you can safely map your domain to your blog.


    Thank you so much, vanillalounge! So quick.

    I think I may be on my way. The good news is I am no longer getting ‘too many redirects.’ The bad news is it has started saying ‘502 Bad Gateway.’ Is this just something I need to wait to clear up in 72 hours, or should I contact Namecheap?

    #616775 is opening normally for me (and mapped to

    Keep in mind that when a new domain is purchased or when name servers are updated, it can take some time for the change to take full effect (up to 72 hours, but normally much less).


    Fantastic! Thank you for your help!


    vanillalounge, could you see my wordpress blog or did it lead you to a page that said:

    ‘Welcome! This domain was recently registered at The domain owner may currently be creating a great site for this domain. Please check back later!’

    at the top? That is what I am getting now. Is that normal while the servers update?



    Yes, is definitely loading your blog.

    It may take up to 72 hours for the domain to propagate to all of the ISPs world-wide.

    Until it propagates to yours, you’ll see the NameCheap page.


    Perfect, thank you macmanx! That puts me at ease. Next year when my Namecheap domain registration expires, I’m renewing with WP. It’s so much easier/faster.



    You’re welcome!

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