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Need help splitting my blog?

  1. Hi... just a quick question.
    I want to use my blog to have two opinions sharing the screen, two posts side by side, with comments on each of them. Sort of fight them against each other.
    Does anyone think this would be possible to do using CSS, or do I need to get into HTML and my own site?

    Any help would be GREAT, I've been searching the forum for a while and come up with zip.


  2. Css editing is only for changing appearance and not functionality.
    We cannot edit the html or php in our underlying theme templates here.
    You will need to hire a webhost and download a template and hack it to suit.

  3. Oh well.
    Thanks tt.

  4. I'm sorry the news wasn't good. You're welcome and best wishes. :)

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    - Mark

  6. Shouldn't you be in bed? It's a school night.

  7. An apology will almost certainly be coming from 1200teickshackersnhacking.

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