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need help to put a widget of song player in the sidebar ?!

  1. hello everyone, i was searching for a widget in which i can put upto 5 to 10 songs that i like and it shouldnt play on its own whenever my readers come to my blog, it shouldnt be automatic, it should play songs only when i or the readers click on play button. If there's any widget of this kind i put into the sidebar of my blog, PLEASE let me know the details....

  2. thistimethisspace

    It's my understanding that the sonific widget does not fit in sidebars (I could be wrong).

  3. well, i read that and thanks for the help, but.. i need a free widget that can fit into the sidebar, and play some of my favourite songs when selected. I tried sonfic but it doesnt have the songs i like and also doesnt fit into the sidebar

  4. There's a simple music widget on which you can use like this.

    It's displaying on my blog right now at

    Here's the code I use (obviously you need to adapt it for your own account name and blog url):

    <p> <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="thepriceoflove's playlist on" /></a> </p>

    There is an even better WordPress(.org) widget which isn't available on yet (come on, guys, when'ya gonna sort it ?). But, in the meantime, and until they do, this simple one does nearly all that you need.

    Here's a step-by-step for how to do it:

    * Join first, set up a profile, and make sure you 'enable scrobbling' in the software player.

    * As well as the software, youi need to download iTunes plug-in (it's in the player's menu, under 'controls').

    * Then set up a playlist, by searching for the tracks you want to select in the 'music' section of, and then click on 'add to playlist'.

    * You need to load a minimum of 15 tracks into your playlist before it will work. Searching for tracks on is a bit clunky, so that takes some time.

    * Once you're finished with your track selections, you must make sure to 'save changes to playlist' before exiting - or else you'll have to go through that all over again (as I know now ...).

    * Then play those songs, directly in the music player. Unfortunately, plays them in a random order, so it's not perfect. Sorry about that.

    * An alternative route is to play the songs, in the precise order you want, on your iPod instead, and then synch the iPod back with your computer afterwards. That works.

    * After either step is complete, and all your tracks have been played, just wait half an hour, and - hey, presto - the most recent songs will appear on the widget on your site.

    * Just a warning - if you keep 'enable scrobbling' switched on, then the list will update on your site to show your most recently played songs each time that you connect the iPod or play music on

    * That's fine for some people, but if you prefer to keep the list static, then just disable scrobbling.

    I hope that works for you. Any problems, just use the contact form on my blog and I'll try to help out.

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