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    Hello experts:

    1) My blog is at
    2) I want to include some special (Indian) language (Devanagari, Sanskrit) characters in unicode to my html page. Does the wordpress html editor support such a thing?

    3) If so, how do I go about inserting a few characters in wordpress?

    maybe …
    <p style=sa>aaaaa</p> or is it <p lang=sa>aaa</p> or something like that … I am not sure …

    The blog I need help with is



    I have done this using another text editor or word processor that supports unicode and then just cutting and pasting it into the post. If you are using Word however it might insert some coding you may not want. This is all I have come up with so far. Once they are inserted in this way though there is no problem.When I look at the html in the post it is just Devanagari letters and no other formatting or style. My blog is set to Unicode. An example is at the end of this page.

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